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Dear User please carefully review the Terms of Use and if you do not agree to anything even the smallest, please do not use this site in any form.


Terms of Use

Introduction - The site is not used as a site for the sale of various health products and does not serve as a treatment site, do not see everything written in the site as a certified material.

Dr. Phyto does not offer its customers a solution or medical recommendation for various problems such as diet / sex products / or any medical solution of any kind.



A. This site is www.dr-phyto.com, which is the official website of “Dr-phyto” (the”Site”). The site provides, among other things, information, presentations & graphics.


1. The use of this website is subject to the following terms and attests to their consent. All users of the site (the “User”) agree to the Terms of Use and accept and agree that it will have no claim to the Site Operator or anyone acting on its behalf, other than claims relating to breach of the Site Operators obligations under these Terms of Use. This site may contain links to websites, web pages and other services operated by other parties. The use of any other site is also subject to the terms of use and the conditions and guidelines, if any, included in the other site. Links to third party sites should not be construed as approval, recommendation or preference by the site operator. If you do not agree to these terms in full, you must refrain from using the site.


2. This website is intended solely for the personal use of the user. Users may not modify, copy, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, create or sell any of the information, products or services originating from this Web site.


3. This Site may contain links to websites not operated by the Site Operator, but by other parties. These links are for your convenience only. The site management has no control over these websites and does not bear any responsibility for the contents appearing in them and / or in any advertisement. And the inclusion of these links on this site does not constitute confirmation of the material appearing therein, and does not indicate any connection with the operators of the said sites and does not indicate any recommendation regarding them or their content.


4. The user is prohibited from making any use of this website for any illegal purpose or for any purpose prohibited by the terms and / or international law and / or Israeli law.


5. It is hereby clarified that the Site Operator is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may be caused as a result of viewing and / or using the information including any information or reference within any product or service information.


6. The content and notices appearing on the site: The user agrees that it is his sole responsibility to check the site and that the responsibility for any risk that may be caused by the use of the site, including damage caused by the use of software applications downloaded directly through the site or operated through the site, rests with the user alone and at his sole responsibility. The Site Operator and / or its employees and / or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be liable for any direct and / or indirect damage resulting from the user's use of the Site. The user alone will be responsible for the way he uses the site. The Operator shall not be liable for changes and / or additions made to the material presented on the Site by the User itself or otherwise.


7. The site can not verify the reliability or accuracy of the information as an absolute form and does not pretend that the existing knowledge does not allow the use of the site as a therapeutic site and the information appearing on the site is intended to expand personal knowledge and general understanding only, in order to allow a better and healthier standard of living, The site contains medical labels or an alternative to conventional Western medicine, including consultations with physicians of all kinds. The site does not constitute a substitute for diagnosis, treatment, and professional counselling.


8. Do not use the information on the site for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any kind with a medical problem Symptoms Sensations Mental and emotional problems on the site's information is general and does not concern any specific person.


9. Any decision of any kind following the site is contrary to the wishes of the operator and is contrary to his will and intention. Every decision must be made in cooperation with the authorised and appropriate authorities and in accordance with the laws of the country in which he is located and in particular not contradict the laws of the State of Israel and relevant authorities such as the Israeli Ministry of Health.


10. The website contains products that are displayed for sale. The site's users recommend that you carefully examine every detail of the product and its suitability to the buyer.


10.1 From the point of view of the operator, the informative service on the site is based on the accepted literature and on various websites whose authenticity has not been checked by the site operators. The information presented is not a substitute for any kind of treatment, and the surfer must check other reliable sites such as the Ministry of Health, Japanese / Australian etc. The information on the site is for the convenience of the surfer only and the operator will not bear any responsibility of any kind for them.


11. It is forbidden to impersonate a person and / or any other party.


12. It is forbidden to violate, directly or indirectly, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the provisions of any law.


13. The notices on the Site may also include links to websites and / or other sources - it is hereby clarified to remove any doubt that the Website is not responsible for such links, their proper operation and / or the content of other sources.


14. The site operator is entitled to manage the information and process any data on the user according to his free choice and subject to the provisions of the laws of the State of Israel applying to that matter.


15. The site activator will be entitled to use the details provided by a user as part of the registration to the site or the joining and / or use of the site and any information collected about the users usage patterns by following the use of the site (including through cookies) in the following cases:

15.1 For the purpose of improving the services, information and content that a website and / or third parties offer and / or offer the user personally and / or to the general public.


15.2 In order to inform the user of various products and services that may be of interest to the user and sold by the site operator and / or by third parties. In this case the site operator will be entitled to inform the user of the information through:


15.2.1 Residential address or other address;


15.2.2 The e-mail address provided by the user;


15.2.3 The voice mail of the mobile phone in the possession of the user, insofar as all the above details are provided by the user during the visit to the site.


15.3 For the purpose of analysis and delivery of statistical or other information to third parties, including advertisers, provided that such information does not identify the user in a personal manner. Contact the user if necessary. For maintenance of the service provided by the site operator. In order to monitor the activity of the user on the site subject to the provisions of this document and subject to any law.


15.4 If the user asks to stop receiving any information from the site operator in accordance with the above, he can contact the site’s operator at any time at contact@dr-phyto.com and the site operator will respond within 48 hours.


15.5 The Site Operator shall make use of the information provided by a user in accordance with the provisions of any law and including the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, and in accordance with the consents and approvals given by the user in accordance with the provisions of this document. Privacy protection.


16. The Site Operator is responsible for maintaining the privacy of the users' privacy of the site, but reserves the right to disclose the user details (as far as they are aware) in the following cases:

16.1 If the Users use of the surfers forum and / or the material and / or information used by the user is illegal.


16.2 If the material and / or information used by the user relates to and / or relates to legal proceedings and / or is required for proceedings by any third party and / or by a competent authority.


16.3 If the material and / or information used by the user is required to enforce the correct and proper application of these provisions and conditions.


16.4 If the material and / or information used by the user is required to protect the interests of the site operator.


17. The Site Operator reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of the Site at any time it deems fit, at its absolute discretion. Users are responsible for reviewing the Terms of Use from time to time in order to update them.


18. The site activator will be entitled to terminate immediately, unilaterally and without prior notice, the activity of the site in whole or in part, and the user will not have any claim and / or right of action and / or demand in respect thereof.


19. Every place where “site” or “site operator” appears is referred to as “Dr. Phyto” and the employees on its behalf and on its behalf.


20. The site operator will take all reasonable steps to secure the information provided by a user However, the site operator can not secure the information and communication systems completely from unauthorised intrusion and unauthorised use by third parties. Therefore, the site operator will not bear any responsibility, directly or indirectly, in cases of disclosure and use of information provided by you that stems, directly or indirectly, from unauthorised access of others or as a result of acts and / or omissions which are not under the control of the site operator.


21. All copyrights and intellectual property of any kind in connection with any publication, content, article, design, application, file, software and any other material, whether tangible or abstract, published on this site or on behalf of the operator of this site belong exclusively to the site operator. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display, deliver to a third party or make any commercial or noncommercial use without prior written permission from the site operator. The foregoing does not infringe upon the rights of third parties who publish content on the Site through various agreements between the Website Operator and those parties.


22.The use of the Site shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel.


23. The sole jurisdiction for any matter arising from the use of the Site is solely in the competent courts in Jerusalem.


24. Shipping Policy: Shipments sent by the Postal Authority as regular mail or registered are the responsibility of the customer only, the site owners will not bear any damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of the defect in this service. However, it is clarified that the owners of the site will be responsible for providing the shipping tax, In addition, the delivery person will be responsible for the integrity of the shipment.


25. The use of the site is subject to the user’s unequivocal consent to everything stated in the terms of use included in this document. Therefore, the user of the site and / or any part thereof will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of use and undertake to act accordingly.


26. A product that has been shipped from Dr. Phyto can be replaced / returned no more than 14 days after purchase. A product will not be returned or replaced after it has been opened or damaged except in cases where the failure was due to the negligence of the courier.


27. This document is drafted in the masculine form for reasons of convenience only, but it also applies to women.



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